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You've been Waitlisted - Now What???

Many students are learning that they have been placed on a Waitlist. It is possible to be admitted from a Waitlist, but it takes some extra work and some luck.

Here's how to handle being placed on a Waitlist (WL):

  • Go online and “accept" a spot on the WL.

  • You may accept as many WL as you are offered.

  • Send an email to your regional admissions counselor indicating that you will enroll if admitted (if this is true). The tone of the email should be excited and enthusiastic about the possibility of enrollment.*

  • Send 3rd quarter grades if they are strong.

  • Be in touch with admissions about every other week. As the colleges take students off of the WL, seeing your name with some regularity (without crossing any lines) could help.

  • Ask your guidance counselor to call on your behalf. It is appropriate to have any alums (who know you) reach out to admissions.

  • Once you have decided where you will attend, inform all other colleges to open the spot for someone else.

*COVID-19 is impacting our lives in many challenging and unexpected ways. Though it may be difficult in the moment, try your best to look forward and demonstrate your eagerness to enroll.


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