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"You will have to think about college a lot throughout junior and senior years when you are making your list and applying. However, this is entirely possible without driving yourself crazy. Manage your time well during freshman and sophomore years and do not obsess about which college you will attend. Focus on being a good student, getting involved, and making the most of your high school experience. Remember that college will work itself out and you are in high school to actually be in high school! Enjoy it—there are plenty of meaningful experiences waiting for you if you seek them out."


"It may sound crazy, but I think that your first visits should include three colleges to which you do not think you will actually apply. Here’s why: if you are lucky enough to have visited colleges early in this process (maybe in 10th grade), your attitude and grades may shift a lot before you apply during your senior year. Don’t get caught up in the 'name-brand schools;' visit schools to just learn as much as you can about what it means to attend college."

"Many students feel the need to take both SAT and ACT for real, but that is neither necessary nor necessarily beneficial."


"It is certainly nice if you can land a titled leadership position such as president or secretary when you get older in high school, but it is far more important to make a significant contribution to the club. Titles do not actually mean that much; it’s more than fine if you are a 'quiet leader.' My suggestion is that you find a niche in a few clubs and make a real, visible difference."

"It is crucial that you answer essay supplements very specifically for each particular school. When you think you have completed the essay, if you could hypothetically plug in the name of another college and still have it make sense, you need to re-write it."

"Once you get your contact information (name and email) onto a college’s 'prospective student' list, the school may send you links and pamphlets that border on advertising as a means of helping you learn more about it. Although it may be hard to imagine, some colleges are actually tracking if you open each email, if you click on the links they provide, and how long you spend on the site."

Excerpts from

"Love the Journey to College"

"Once you feel that high school has become 'higher stakes' - for most students, this occurs during junior year - it becomes especially important for you to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy. Make the most of time not only spent on your studies, but also on extracurriculars, sleep, meals, and even car rides. When you are studying, focus. When you are not studying, enjoy the time with family and friends."

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