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The College List

Jill has visited over 1000 college campuses and knows about hundreds more. She will create a manageable and personalized list of colleges for you. Each college will be tailored to your interests and a variety of factors will be considered before Jill creates this detailed analysis. Jill will provide specific information about each college to help you and your family prioritize visits and learn how to target your applications.

Jill will provide:

  • List of college recommendations

  • ​Each college will have fit-factors and why it suits your personality and interests

  • ​​Facts and data so that you have a personalized guide of colleges to consider

  • ​Knowing this level of information about every college on your list will enable you to embrace your journey to college


In over 30 years, we have NEVER had a student who used this service transfer to another college. 

Fee includes review of MCC questionnaires completed by student and parents and a detailed follow-up meeting. Price available upon request.

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