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One-on-One Services

While we never guarantee results, since 2015, 88-100% of our Comprehensive clients who applied Early Action/Early Decision were accepted! 

Please note, Jill/MCC will not: 

  • Guarantee admissions to any college or university

  • Write essays for students or write any part of the application

  • Encourage or pressure students to enroll in any particular college or university

  • Guarantee funding from any source

  • Provide legal, tax or investment advice

  • Provide advice or instruction with respect to visa/immigration issues

  • Complete scholarship applications

We encourage families to consider the overall ROI when thinking about using our services. We are often able to identify colleges and programs that accommodate the family budget. And, while we cannot guarantee financial aid of any kind, our clients often receive more merit aid than they anticipate. Nearly all of our Comprehensive clients receive merit aid that exceeds what they spend on our college counseling services.

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