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Waitlist / Deferral
Analysis Program

Work with MCC to determine what happened in your admission decision that resulted in a Deferral or Waitlist. Sometimes colleges make the wrong decision! Jill can help you maximize your odds of Acceptance.


$1800 - includes:

(1)  Detailed Report:  Jill will review your Early application that resulted in a Deferral decision or Regular application that landed you on a Waitlist. 


This report includes:

  • Overview of what happened

  • Review and suggestions for submitted application and essays

  • Strategies for moving forward

  • Suggestions for supplemental materials to submit to the college

  • Evaluation of other college decisions 


(2)  Phone Consultation

(3)  Follow-up call with Jill to discuss your plan of action based on the Comprehensive Report

If you do not do anything, you will not get off a Waitlist. Nor will you get into a school if you are Deferred but do nothing. We can help. Please contact us today with any questions and to get started!

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