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In Love the Journey to College,
an experienced college counselor and her daughter show you how to make the college application process manageable - and fun!

Jill Madenberg draws upon her nearly 25 years of counseling experience while her daughter Amanda - a student who just recently went off to college - adds tips and personal stories. Whether you are wondering how to choose high school classes and activities, create a realistic college list, get the most out of a campus visit, or maintain a positive and healthy attitude, Love the Journey to College will help you make educated decisions throughout the process - and show you how to do it with a smile.

As the daughter of an experienced college counselor, Amanda Madenberg has been visiting colleges for as long as she can remember - on family vacations, weekend road trips, and school holidays. Even at a young age, she took interest as her mom spoke with tour guides, admission counselors, and students on campus to get a feel for life at a particular school. Most importantly, Amanda greatly enjoyed her own college application process - from visiting campuses to writing supplemental essays. Writing as both a typical high school student and as the daughter of a college counselor, Amanda lends a unique and entertaining perspective to Love the Journey to College.

Praise for Love the Journey to College:

“Jill Madenberg draws on her extensive experience as a college counselor to create one of the best books on how to get into college that I have read.  But this is not just another admissions how-to book.  Jill and her daughter Amanda offer advice, wisdom, and a uniquely candid and personal window into how students and parents intersect in the college admissions journey.  My hat’s off to the authors for creating a book which is readable, strategic and sane!”

- William Shain, Fmr. Dean of Admissions at Vanderbilt University and Bowdoin and Macalester Colleges. Fmr. Regional Director of Admissions Princeton University

"Preparing for college is a daunting task filled with a myriad of tough questions and hard decisions. Jill and Amanda Madenberg’s Love The Journey To College is an effective tool that will help high school students make wise choices early on in the process so the journey is successful and enjoyable. A wonderful read and I highly recommend it."

- Dan Domenech, Executive Director American Association of School Administrators (AASA)

“I love this book! I honestly think it's the best example on the market of clear, factual information and great common sense advice that works for both parent and applicant. I am frequently asked for advice about the college process, and I will recommend Love the Journey to College to everyone I know.”

- Marilee Jones, Fmr. Dean of Admissions MIT

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