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College Application Basic Training

Jump start the application process with 

College Application Basic Training!

Jill loves to work with students, individually or in small groups, before they begin their essays and applications. She provides an overview of the application process and offers valuable tips for students to make their applications stand out.

In the basic training, students will learn to:

  • Review different types of essays. This includes the personal main essay, Why supplements, community essay, activity essay and the additional information section.

  • Authentically enhance Activities and Academic Honors sections of the application.

  • Create standout resumes and videos.

  • Understand Common Application v. Coalition and other platforms.

  • Increase their visibility on any application.

  • Comprehend the importance of Demonstrating Interest to relevant colleges.

  • Select writers for letters of recommendation and what to include in "brag sheets."

  • Understand standardized testing options, self-reporting v. official score reporting.

  • Anticipate interview questions.

We provide an organizational template to stay on task throughout the college process and provide students with sample resumes for easy formatting.​

Price varies based on location and number of participants. Available upon request.

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