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Praise for "Love the Journey to College"

"Jill Madenberg draws on her extensive experience as a college counselor to create one of the best books on how to get into college that I have read. But this is not just another admissions how-to book. Jill and her daughter Amanda offer advice, wisdom, and a uniquely candid and personal window into how students and parents intersect in the college admissions journey. My hat’s off to the authors for creating a book which is readable, strategic and sane!"

William Shain, Fmr. Dean of Admissions at Vanderbilt University and Bowdoin and Macalester Colleges. Fmr. Regional Director of Admissions Princeton University

"I love this book! I honestly think it's the best example on the market of clear, factual information and great common sense advice that works for both parent and applicant. I am frequently asked for advice about the college process, and I will recommend Love the Journey to College to everyone I know."

Marilee Jones, Fmr. Dean of Admissions MIT

"Preparing for college is a daunting task filled with a myriad of tough questions and hard decisions. Jill and Amanda Madenberg’s Love The Journey To College is an effective tool that will help high school students make wise choices early on in the process so the journey is successful and enjoyable. A wonderful read and I highly recommend it."

Dan Domenech, Executive Director American Association of School Administrators (AASA)

"Love the Journey is a comprehensive, readable and engaging discussion of what can be a complex process known as college admissions. Jill Madenberg’s experience as a guidance counselor and college consultant provides an expertise and breadth of knowledge that are invaluable as she discusses the full range of issues involved in preparing for, applying to and enrolling in college. Amanda’s very recent, lived, experience as the student going through the journey adds a dimension to the process that is honest, fresh and enlightening. This book is a great resource for parents and students, starting as early as ninth grade and all the way through until freshman year."

Susan H. Murphy, PhD, Vice President Emerita and former Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Cornell University

"Having served as high school principal and superintendent in some very competitive school districts, I have witnessed how the college search process can cause dissension between parent and child. What could and should be a celebratory process can become a dreaded task in many homes. Not so for college expert Jill Madenberg and her daughter Amanda, who explain how to maximize the opportunities and avoid lots of stumbling blocks in that search for the elusive perfect match. Every parent would do well to model these practices! There are lots of books that offer secrets on how to gain admission to a particular college, but the important wisdom that this volume offers is how to do so while strengthening the child-parent relationship ... which will remain long after a college is chosen."

Dr. Thomas P. Dolan, Superintendent Great Neck Public Schools (Ret.)

​"Jill Madenberg's book is a perfect illustration of her care and thoughtfulness in helping families navigate 'the journey to college.' The process is laden with anxiety and pressure, and it is a breath of fresh air to work with Jill, who consistently brings calmness to her clients. She has been a trusted and respected resource for us, and we are grateful for Jill's extensive experience, deep knowledge, and her dedication to providing holistic support for students -- a commitment we share."

Jeremy Cohen, Partner, Private Prep Long Island

​"From my perspective in the field of university student life, Love the Journey to College is a must read for parents and students considering college. Jill and Amanda take what can be a stressful process and provide tools for staying healthy throughout and coming out satisfied on the other side. This book's expert and personal advice will help you manage emotions, maintain composure, and evaluate options as the college decisions arrive. The process only happens once, so enjoy the journey!"

Richard Wolcott, Director of Conference Services, St. John’s University; Fmr. Assistant Dean of Students, Seton Hall University

​"As a long-time admissions professional in New England, I highly recommend this book for understanding the admission process from the student’s, family’s, and admission officer’s perspectives. Love the Journey to College is informative about every aspect of the college journey, and Jill and Amanda's joint writing style is truly special.  One key bit of advice they provide: to be joyful in the search!"

William Dunfey, Executive Director of Admissions at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

"Jill and Amanda Madenberg have collaborated on a remarkably readable introduction to college admissions. It is based on Jill’s two decades of experience as both a school counselor and independent educational consultant and draws on knowledge gained through the very personal journey through the process with her daughter. This book is chock full of useful and up-to-date information provided with a great deal of motherly reassurance and encouragement. And the advice for high school students caught-up in the process to 'be authentically you' is a message we can all take to heart."

Nancy Griesemer, Independent Educational Consultant

"Jill and Amanda Madenberg have written a clear, comprehensive, highly readable guide through the, often maze like, college process. It is replete with common sense and demystifies what must be done. Each step from the selection of colleges through completing the actual applications is laid out very clearly. This book will assist in minimizing student anxiety and in lowering parental blood pressure."

Alice D’Addario – Department Chair,

Social Studies, Walt Whitman HS,

South Huntington, NY (Retired),

Independent College Counselor

​"Jill and Amanda Madenberg capture the process of applying to college, from start to finish. Jill's wisdom as a mother, an experienced counselor and knowledgeable communicator, plus Amanda's personal and thoughtful insights as a daughter and high school student are a winning combination. The mother/daughter 'hook' makes this valuable book an easy read for students, parents and educators!"

Loretta Nugent, Principal, New Hyde Park Memorial High School, New Hyde Park, NY. (Retired)

"This book is a 'must read' for parents, students, school counselors and anyone else interested in college admissions. It is chock full of useful information and very helpful answers to FAQs."

Lisa Suzuki, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Counseling Psychology, New York University

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