Spring Break Is A Great Time To Get Ahead!

Spring Break is a great time to visit colleges and catch up on school work and test prep​. ​The best thing you can do for yourself is to do well in school and finish Junior year as strong as possible​.

But, IF you find yourself sitting around with nothing to do during break and wish you could get ahead with the college process, ​we​ have some great idea​s:

  • Plan to ask teachers to write a letter of recommendation for you some time in the next few weeks. You want academic teachers who know you well and can write about you anecdotally, preferably in a field related to your major.

  • Spend time working on your resume/activity sheet. Some colleges allow you to attach a separate resume and some schools prefer you use the grid available on the Common App to give colleges a sense of your activities, involvement and honors. If you haven't already done so, write up a list of all your activities and any academic honors to use as a reference for different application questions.

  • There are a growing number of schools that allow students to upload a video on their application. The videos should capture something special and be under 5 minutes. Consider whether you'd like to submit a ZeeMee link: https://www.zeemee.com/common- app

  • Start gathering data for your college list.

  • Take a look at the Common App and Coalition essay prompts for next year and start brainstorming.

  • Consider registering for May and June Subject Tests.

  • Plan a meaningful summer.

With more than 25 years of experience working with hundreds of high school students, Jill possesses a wealth of knowledge about the college admissions process, and believes the process should be exciting. Jill helps by working closely with each student on college selection, creating a vibrant and authentic resume, planning meaningful and appropriate summer activities, creating personalized testing strategies, brainstorming essay ideas and techniques, building interview skills, reviewing scholarship opportunities, and more. Most importantly, Jill eases the stress and helps students feel confident about the college planning and selection process.


Schedule a time to ask Jill your questions or hire her to speak to a group in your community. Working with Jill will provide you a greater understanding of the college application process and, more importantly, a feeling of confidence rather than confusion.

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